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Price sharing of window cleaning machine when installing the wheel mounted window cleaning machine, it is necessary to ensure that the operation position is accurate


As an indispensable equipment in the construction process, the window cleaner is also produced in many kinds in order to meet the needs of different buildings. In addition to the conventional type of window cleaner, there is also a wheel mounted window cleaner. Wheel mounted window cleaner is a type of application. For wheel mounted window cleaner, it is very important to do a good job in its installation. After all, it is also high-altitude operation. If the installation is not in place, it will cause the problem of safety hidden danger, so we must pay close attention to this aspect! So how to install wheel mounted window cleaner? Next, we will share the price of window cleaner to you!

When installing wheel mounted window cleaner, it is necessary to pay attention to laying a relatively simple guide track on parapet or walking floor in order to ensure its accurate position and self-operation. The wheel type window cleaner is used to walk through the rigid roof, and its slope should be less than 2%.

When the extension interval of the boom of wheel type window cleaner is relatively small, it will be required that the whole machine weight should also be less than 5000kg, because the equipment component is relatively large, it will show the phenomenon of inconvenient walking. The daily inspection and maintenance of wheel mounted window cleaner is also important, including detailed inspection on lifting and walking organization; Including the inspection of the basket, the connection part of the basket channel must be strong, and the guardrail, bolt, nut and other parts shall not be loose.

The daily maintenance of wheel type window cleaner also includes checking the steel wire rope itself. The steel wire rope must be rolled into the steel rope drum to the side of the drum. Next, we should pay attention to the inspection of the void specification. We should fulfill this according to the rules.

The above contents respectively for you to introduce the installation of wheel mounted window cleaning machine and maintenance work, hope to see after can help you! Whether it is wheel type window cleaner or other types of window cleaner, installation and maintenance work are required, so that it can not only avoid problems in the operation of the window cleaner, but also effectively prolong the service life of the window cleaner!